Our Services



Bluegreen Ltd has more than 13-years experience in managing construction and renovation projects for high-end hotels and lodges. We specialise in remote locations like private islands and wildlife camps where resources and skills are not immediately available. Our approach is to treat each project as a turnkey solution, whether we are using our own building crews, or those provided by the client. Since our inception we have constructed premier tourist destinations from the private islands of Madagascar, to the deep wilderness locations of Zambia.


Behind the luxurious finishes of a premier resort is an engine-room of facilities and equipment that keeps everything running smoothly. This unseen infrastructure has become known as the back-of-house and is another area where Bluegreen brings invaluable experience to the table. Building staff accommodation and stores in remote locations has led to a kit-form approach. Our components are made from insect-proof, vermin-proof – in fact, virtually indestructible materials. They can be configured to house laundries, kitchens, generators or as stores and staff accommodation.


The procurement function of the hotel industry is a complex role requiring technical expertise, international logistics, legal and tax insight and meticulous record keeping. Bluegreen offers an unrivalled procurement service based at our head office in Mauritius. We carry a stock list of 28,000 individual items specific to the hotel industry.


Bluegreen operates a warehouse and logistics centre out of Johannesburg, South Africa. From this base, we link to road, rail and sea freight to get the materials anywhere they need to be. Our administration team ensures that VAT refunds are collected, SADEC certificates are available and that specialised packaging or cold room requirements are taken care of.


In 200x, Bluegreen entered the commercial development arena in the form of the Black River Business Park, in Mauritius. A meticulous attention to detail gained through our hotel experience has led to a highly sought after office environment. This project will soon be expanded to triple its current size. The efficiencies and systems we have developed through turnkey projects in remote locations can easily be applied to standard commercial developments.



Bluegreen operates a central maintenance desk at their head office in Mauritius. From this knowledge centre, we provide preventive and corrective procedures for a multitude of maintenance tasks. The maintenance desk works closely with procurement and stock management operations to supply a quality service to our customers. Our expertise stretches across to waste and utility managements systems too.


In our private island developments, we have built our own nurseries to provide the landscape plants for the resorts. We train site personnel in the art of horticulture and supply plants, policies and procedures. Sustainability is a key feature of the Bluegreen development strategy.


Environmental issues have the potential to damage infrastructure resulting in costly repairs and inconvenience to guests. Our services include pest control measures, security, soil and erosion control. We set up staff organisations and structure, train employees and develop policies and procedures specific to your site.