About Us


Bluegreen is a niche development company with a unique set of skills and experience

We specialise in the following specific development areas:

  • Hotels and lodges with an emphasis on private islands
  • Facilities management services
  • Commercial developments

Since our early days in 2004 with a small team and limited capacity, we have grown into a fully fledged development unit with our skills honed through the challenges of remote locations.

One of our core values is the training and development of local communities that we employ in our project construction sites. Depending on the size of the project, our on-site teams can reach up to 400 people. It has been rewarding to see some of our local hires rise through the ranks of the organisation to fill senior roles over time.

Bluegreen handles projects from $1.6 million to $25 million. We are willing to engage in contracts on a turnkey, fixed price or cost plus basis. We can take on the role of Principle Agent or Project Director depending on the client’s team structure. Our clients range include private individuals, NGOs and corporates.

Bluegreen has experience in the development of greenfield sites as well as renovations and additions to existing facilities. Recent projects include a $3.6 million upgrade to a private island in the Seychelles.

We are currently engaged in a new lodge development in Thorny Bush, which will open in 2018. In addition, we are working with African Parks in Central and West Africa to explore new opportunities through site visits and concept studies.


The visionary behind Bluegreen Ltd is Alex Hardy who started out his career in luxury hotels and lodges as a resort engineer. Working for both Sun International and Beachcomber in the premier holiday destination of Mauritius, Alex honed his skills at building resorts from scratch and renovating existing infrastructure. The high standards of international hoteliers and the constant pressure to please the high-end clientele laid an excellent foundation from which to launch Bluegreen in 2004.

Based on his experience in Mauritius, Alex began consulting to North Island in the Seychelles. Starting with construction and facilities management, soon Bluegreen expanded into procurement. Over the years his team have developed a systematic approach to standardise purchases and maintain a ruthless control of costs.

It wasn’t long before Alex and the Bluegreen team secured their first contract to develop a new lodge for Time and Tide in Zambia’s South Luangwa Valley. The project was managed as a turnkey solution and it retains a premier place in the Bluegreen portfolio.

By this time a highly skilled team of architects, engineers and environmental specialists had been gathered. They have gained substantial experience in managing complex construction activities in remote areas.

Bluegreen also build commercial developments. Their Black River Business Park in Mauritius is a sought after office space among local and international businesses.

The latest project the team have taken on is the premier Miavana Private Island off the coast of Madagascar. Every single bolt, piece of steel structure, solar panel and luxury vanity unit was shipped by barge from the mainland. Although the team faced severe challenges of remote access, bad weather and even sinking barges, they have produced an end result that is attracting discerning clientele from all around the world.

Bluegreen now specialises in the remote development of hotels and lodges along with providing facilities management services. Alex has assembled a team that complements each other in terms of skill and works together to pull off the impossible.